Thursday, 22 December 2016

Why dentistry?

I came up with a hashtag #TheDentistWhoWrites for my Facebook and Instagram posts, but nobody ever asked me why!
"I liked the idea of adjoining what I do and what I am doing, with each other. Both echo.
An apt comparison."


I am neither a professional writer, nor do I want to be. I am paving my way of becoming a dentist, and I am in second year of the prestigious course.
But that doesn't mean I need to give up on my interest in writing, this isn't the end of my hobby, and I, probably, want to continue with it. Writing is where I find solace, and where I'm a totally different person, a person who I don't appear to be in front of all. I own a place with a shelf of books I need to understand and learn by heart, novels I want to read or have read, a closet adored with a white apron, over all, a room full of patience, hopes, expectations and dreams. Writing and medicine make an odd yet lethal combination.

If I had chosen to be a full time writer, life wouldn't be a challenge, and I would have the freedom to write, but then, I would not have come across extraordinary people, each of them having a story to tell. I have nameless, faceless conversations with everyone of them, all making sense, all trying to shape my life in a beautiful manner.

What dentistry teach me, isn't all about dealing with patients, but to acquire more patience, and trying harder when I feel like quitting, but most of all, it teaches me that I'll be able to do it, at the end of the day.

There can be men, enduring the heartache, but make me meet a man who can endure the toothache patiently. He can be a dentist only.

Sufferings brought me knowledge, and I am going to have luminous ideas when I'll work further.
Being a dentist, I'm becoming a mixture of immense knowledge of medicines, that comes from experiences after seeing patients'. As a noble profession, it tells you that the world might not be a place where your wishes come true, but it definitely is a place where the pain is healed. It is an expedition.

The longest visit I ever had to a hospital, was to my dentist. I recall the time when I was a 10th grade student, in 2010-11, when a I had to see him for the treatment. He used to tell that if you're a doctor, you can never be mean. He meant it. He did. Selflessness is the key and it was heartbreaking for him, to see children opting for dentistry unwillingly. The respect he earned as a dentist, and the chivalry he acquired, motivates me even today. It's been 5 years since I last saw him. I wish to see him again, someday.

When I joined the dental school, I was equally confused like everyone else in my batch, but as the time is passing by, I met people from all the walks of life. Some criticized, some supported, some told me to think twice, some asked me not to stop, but then, one of my teachers quoted, and I knew there is no going back.
She said, "It is worship. One must devote himself, or he should never incline himself towards it."

A few more people who made it easier to understand how being a dentist feels like.

I had this wonderful conversation with my senior, few months ago, in my first year, when he asked me if I know how to stitch a button. He made a point over it, and said stitching a button is an easy task for those who know, and tough for those who don't. He said if you take it as a profession, it is hard, but if you play with it, it's fun, but you must know when to bring the avengers in. Life is harder, way too harder.
He was right, so right.

Mentioning quite an amazing incident with a senior, when she accidentally chewed something, and all she uttered, in pain, was what she learnt.
Hahaha. She was continuously telling what consequences can happen, chewing could have caused her mechanical trauma, Elis class 1 fracture may be a possibility when she will have crown fracture, with roughed edges. Hahaha. The basic idea behind writing this blog, is this incident only.
She, in simplest way, taught me if you deeply involve yourself in it, you'll love it, and it will flow, just the way poetry flows in me.

To be called as Dr. Ridima Kamal, is an honor. It would take a few precious years of life, but these are the years which will make the difference.
I am learning not to be heartbroken if I fail to submit assignments before or on deadline, I am learning not to frown if I fall, I am learning not to quit when I am depressed or disheartened, because these small failures are teaching me the lessons of life.
To be a doctor is more like being a fighter in long run.
Sooner or later, we all learn to fight and become fighters. We all are going to have a perfectly carved life.
Ask a dentist, who is exceptionally calm and composed who can teach you the importance of a stable mind and soul, with a divine gaze of face, and never complaining about anything, doing his job and possessing qualities like no-one else has.

PS- This blog is dedicated to all who are dentists, or are planning to become one. Thank you.
With love,
Ridima Kamal

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Random thought.

Sometimes I am so damn tired being indeterminable, that I turn into a little predictable person just to tell them that I have changed.
I may feel that I'd had fallen for a wrong person, or I should have waited for Mr. Right, or it was too early to get my heart broken, or love is a prevarication. Nights be like, terribly instigating.
Oh well. I don't say "nothing" when I am asked what I am thinking about. I, sadly, tell them that I think of you. I still do.

"Why relationships fail?"
There are a thousand reasons behind every unsuccessful relationship. In better terms, a thousand excuses that convince you to the fullest, but kills you at the deepest. You gave your 100% to your relationship, but it didn't work out. You tried to win over the adverse circumstances, but you miserably failed.
It takes several nights to ponder why and when you went wrong.
The real thing is, when two people start on a happy note, they set so tough relationship goals that they, themselves, cannot fit into them.
The most fierce war sees the coldest fall.
If one of them wants to be friends with other, after falling out of relationship, the other persuades to stay in love.
If one of the two, tries to rearrange things and restarts, one withdraws his involvement.
Well. This is a truth that you cannot be friends with someone you once loved, or you still love.
Sometimes, both of them totally forget the moments they once cherished,
they act so much like strangers that it becomes hard to believe that they were, in love, long back.

Well. Well. Well.
I couldn't be writing more. This was just a random thought. You may add your opinion. I couldn't think of anything else.
This can not be upto the mark, but this is something that needed to come out.
Sigh of relief! ☺
Bye! See you all in my next blog. ☺

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Reasons why you must befriend with someone who think a lot.

Thinking is a full time job, and we're still unemployed. We all think a lot, don't we?
I hadn't been planning to write specifically about thinkers, but then, the universe is the wittiest strategist, right?
We all have a person in our life who thinks more than we can think of thinking. He is not a mind reader, but he can be a strong conversationalist and quite a keen observer. Talk to him once and he can unfold all the closed chapters of your life.
I have developed a kind of liking for the people like them.
Although the reasons why you must befriend with someone who think a lot, is too long to sum up, but a few of them are as follows:-

1) They understand life a bit more than you do.
Well, they actually do. Look into their eyes, and you can see the purest and the most tranquil form of you, looking back at you, with a sense of chivalry and confidence.

2) Your secrets are never revealed.
Confine your dark of the darkest secret, and forget the key. They're never judgemental, they always see you from a better perspective and believe that people are really good at heart.
You can cry your heart out in front of them.

3) They are all ears.
Talk about relationships, talk about career issues, talk about your crushes, talk about families, talk about siblings, talk about friends, talk about foes, talk about skies, talk about moon, talk about stars, talk about anything and everything. They'll listen to every bit of your words.

4) World is a beautiful place.
When you get suicidal thoughts, give them a call. They'll invalidate all your opinions of quitting, and will make you fall in love with the world. They'll tell you why you need to live. World is a beautiful place, and you're a beautiful person.

5) They talk a lot, but they seldom speak.
I, personally, find it the most fascinating quality about them. You'll find them chitchatting with every second person, but you'll never see them speaking. They teach you the difference between talking and speaking.

6) They're romantic.
If you're looking for a committed relationship, they can be the best choice.
They will notice each and every single detail about you without letting you know. They will keep surprising you with the knowledge they have attained about you, everyday. You just can't resist your urge to fall in love with them.

7) They're usually friendship deprived, but they, themselves, prove to be true friends.
Because they're hard to understand, people often fail to know the real them. They don't have many friends, but believe me, befriending them can be a wise decision.

8) They're not aliens. They are as extraordinary as you.
They can be extroverts, introverts, and sometimes, ambiverts. They're socially active people, full of life, love partying. They can act a little different when they ask you to go to some less discovered place, or spends time staring at million stars.

9) They're not scared of loneliness
They know that there is a ray of hope in darkness. They try to find it, every night. They're not afraid of darkness. They are often seen walking alone, traveling alone, eating alone. Loneliness is a perfect gift, at times.

10) Last but not the least,
Deep inside, you too are the person I am talking about, aren't you?
It's just a matter of seperating the facts from fiction. Befriend with yourself.